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Chalk Creek Road Utah Photo by Merril Longmore 2017

Hope – the seed of belief

  Recently I spoke with friends about the status of the world. How everything seems to be falling apart and getting worse. In truth the world does seem to be declining in morality, ethics, and integrity. Yet I remembered a truth that has always resonated with me. There is always hope... As long as there …

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Most dangerous hike in America

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpALde1D6dg Ahead workers blocked the road. They stood by signs saying bridge out. We pulled over at the look out and looked across the flooded Hanalei valley. What is normally green fields of crops was now a brown muddy river. I hope we can get to the trail tomorrow I thought. I awoke the next …

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Adventure in Hawaii! Danger!

A few months ago my wife and I were planning our belated honeymoon. I said "we should go backpacking in Hawaii." she replied, "OK" After asking if she was serious I looked up backpacking trails in Kauai. I found one called the Kalalau trail. I discovered I needed a permit. We bought some permits a …

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