What’s in your pack?

I’ve been asked countless times about what I will be carrying while I’m on the Appalachian Trial for two months.


I love gear and could talk about tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks all day.
Pictured above is everything I plan to take besides food and water. So, let’s take a closer look!

My pack: I will be carrying everything in my Osprey Aura 65 liter bag. I love Osprey packs!

This first picture shows the pants, shirt, socks, hat, boots, and gaiters I will be wearing on my body while hiking.


This next picture includes the clothes I’ll be carrying in my pack (L to R):
1- sock liner
2-smartwool socks
1-camp pants
1-camp shirt
1-wool base layer top
1-silk blend base layer pant
1- Crocs (camp shoes)
1-packable insulated jacket
1- Patagonia rain jacket
1-rain pants
1-fleece beanie
1-neck buff


Basically I will hike in one set of clothes and change at the end of the day into my camp clothes and later sleep in my base layers. We will be able to do laundry about once a week when we resupply in town and sometimes a stream washing may be necessary!

The Big Three:
Sleeping bag= Mont-Bell Down Hugger 15 degree bag [3lbs]
Sleeping pad = Thermarest Z-lite [14 oz]
Tent: Vaude Ultralight Hogan 2 man tent [3lbs 6oz]


I have chosen to sleep in a tent during this adventure. My brother, on the other hand, will be sleeping in a hammock.

Everything else:


L to R
1 – pack raincover
1-microfiber pack towel
1- trowel
1- headlamp
1- GoPro
1-set Black Diamond trekking poles
1-fuel canister
1- ultralight pot
1-Olicamp Ion stove
1- titanium spork
1-Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system
1-first aid kit (moleskin and bug spray)
1-bottle of campsoap
1-mini Book of Mormon
1-‘Rite in the Rain’ journal/pen

Well folks, that’s pretty much it. The only things missing are my rubiks cube, extra batteries, and cell phone.
All together my bag weighs about 23lbs without food and water. When it’s fully loaded I expect it will weigh about 35lbs.


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