The Last Monday

Oh man is time flying. I’ve been mentally preparing my self for this for some time, but now its here. Yesterday was a real WOW moment. The last Monday. I gave my 2 weeks notice at work on Friday the 17th. This upcoming Friday will be my last. Its extremely exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I have done several other small prep trips into the mountains since my last post. I’ll post a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

All in all everything has been coming together quite nice. Though I’m quite sure karma was trying to catch up to me for my final Monday yesterday. I’m quite sure its the busiest Monday I have had at work in a very long time. Thankfully it was my last. Everything else has been working itself out. I have continued to lose weight. I stood on the scale this weekend and saw 317. I’ve lost another 18 lbs, Woot!

A few more small adventures from the past month. One Sunday afternoon I decided to hike a very steep ridge line to push my limits. Since I have been hiking so much lately I feel my body is getting used to it. My recent hikes have not been pushing my limits. So I decided to go straight up the ridge. I climbed 3000 ft in just about 2 miles or less. While challenging the view was very rewarding.

This wasn’t even the top just a really nice panorama

Shortly after that we had a big snowstorm roll through the valley here. It completely blanketed the city. I don’t understand why we got that much snow in April but couldn’t get a inch during the actual winter season. But in a fit of craziness I decided I better go sleep in it. Because there is a special kind of quiet you can only hear on those nights when a snowstorm like that rolls through.  So i got my gear up and quickly hiked a small ways up the canyon after work and set up my hammock for a nice long nap. I was testing out my new top quilt I had just ordered from Wilderness Logistics. I was pleasantly surprised and was very warm all night. The top quilt is just what i needed to complete my hammock camping set up. Weighing just over a pound and being plenty big for my large stature. I couldn’t be more pleased. Plus the fact that it can keep me warm in very cold situations is awesome.



Last but not least I decided to take some friends that wanted to go out backpacking with me before I left and we did an overnight trip back to the temple fork sawmill. I got to test my rain gear out on this trip. Its good to know i can stay dry why I’m out on the trail. having proper gear is quite important. I love the temple fork sawmill trail. the trail follows a gorgeous stream and its just beautiful all around. Here are a few pics from that night.



All in all I have had an eventful 4 months of 2015. I believe I am ready to hit the AT. We fly out on Monday May 4th. We should be hiking by May 6th. Here we come.




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