We’ve made it!!!

Hello everyone!
We have successfully made it to Tennessee with all of our gear in one piece!
A few months ago I posted about our trip on an appalachian trail Facebook page in hopes of getting a few tips about the Smoky Mountains. A “trail angel” (someone who voluntarily helps hikers with rides, showers, and food) named Connie Payne responded to my post by offering to pick us up at the Knoxville airport and give us a place to rest before taking us out to our starting point. Connie picked us up yesterday and has been a true Christian in letting us stay at her home and feeding us some amazing meals before setting out on our journey. I hope to meet more ‘Connies’ in the coming weeks!
Merril was a little worried about how he’d fit on the airplane as far as leg room goes and gratefully on our 1st flight he was able to move to the emergency exit row. He was giving the woman in front of him a ‘back massage’ with his knees. Our connecting flight to Knoxville had a little more leg room.

We are just finishing our pancakes and sausage. We will soon be driven to Clingman’s Dome which is the highest point of the smoky mountains to begin our section hike! Pictures and posts to come!
Here we go!




3 thoughts on “We’ve made it!!!

  1. JoAnn Scott

    Wahooo, here you go. I can’t wait to see where your adventure leads. You’ve inspired me. I might have to drag Gary hiking this summer. XOXO


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