Who’s idea was this?

More AT terminology:
White Blaze = the official Appalachian Trial marker. A white stripe painted on trees or posts periodically to mark the way.


Blue Blaze = marks a spring or water source.  Blue blazes also sometimes mark alternative routes for the AT.
Pink Blazing = When you are hiking certain mileage or distances to keep up with someone you may have a crush on ( i.e. Wild Pony is pink blazing Peaceful Warroir) -those are some people’s trail names.
Silk Blazing = the first person on the trail in the morning that gets to walk though all the cobwebs. (Don’t tell Bigfoot that this is why I let him lead ha ha)

AT statistics:

Total milage = 148.6
Daily average milage: 10.1
2nd resupply stop = Erwin, TN
Utah’s pack weight fully loaded = 38lbs
Bigfoot’s pack weight fully loaded = 49lbs

Utah = 3
Bigfoot = 1

Complete trip & fall:
Utah= 1
Bigfoot = 2

Bug bites:
Utah= 362,964
Bigfoot = 2

We made it to Erwin, TN  today! We are camped at a hostel right off of the Nolichucky River tonight. I can hear the flow of it as I lay here in my tent.
This past week has had its ups and downs…. quite literally haha. Whenever we are trudging up a steep hill one of us will often ask “and who’s idea was this? ”


We have crossed some rocky ridges, some beautiful balds, and a whole lot of wooded trail in the past few days.
I can remember my Mom saying  that when merril was young he would always sing in the car and at home. He sang and knew songs by heart even when he was little.  I actually enjoy his singing. It amazes me the songs he knows. I’ve been serenaded with songs from: Winnie-the-Pooh, Aladdin, Pinocchio, Mulan, The Goofy Movie, The Jungle Book, and many more. He also plays a delightful harmonica. I love my brother. He’s a good man. This trip wouldn’t be the same without him.




2 thoughts on “Who’s idea was this?

  1. dlongmore6819

    Let me see if I can help you remember. I think it started with Utah watching a video. Then later on Bigfoot stirred the pot with his ideas of driving “Big Blue” to his death. Something like that. I am sure your passion will come back after a few more PUDS. Keep on hiking.


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