The little things.

The Appalachian Trail is different for every traveler.  Whether crossing something off their bucket list, healing from tragedy, or running from real life the AT offers something for everyone. I saw a quote in the shelter graffiti the other day stating “The trail will always provide.”

Edible mushroom "chicken of the woods"

The trail always does provide. Most commonly in the form of “trail magic”. We have experienced trail magic all along the way. Starting with Connie Payne and all of her charity in getting us to the trail.

Entering Virginia

After spending over a month living in the wood’s you begin to appreciate all the little things. Like chairs, if it’s cushioned you feel like you’re sitting on heaven. Ice… man I miss ice. We strolled into a restaurant in town last night and I drank 4 full glasses of ice cold sprite. The thirst had to be obeyed. Not having to filter or treat your water. Thank you Aquamira.

Thank you Aquamira

Last week we experienced real magic from a wonderful couple named Billy and Holly. We arrived at a small hostel / Bed and Breakfast. We paid to camp. They offered breakfast but it was a little more than we wanted to pay for breakfast. After setting up camp we needed to hitch into town to resupply. Morganne, being the good luck magnet she is, flagged Billy and Holly as they were leaving the B&B to go get dinner. They took us to the store and then we went to dinner with them. While enjoying dinner Billy told us he thru hiked in 2006. He told us that this little hostel / B&B’s breakfast was the best meal he had on the entire trail. We were convinced. A moment later Holly was on the phone adding our breakfasts to their tab. We spent the rest of the evening with them. We are so grateful for the magic we receive and the charity of good people around the country.

Billy, Holly, Mary, and us

Needless to say billy was right. The breakfast filled every crevice of my insides. I could not get enough.

Breakfast of true champions

We have so many things to be grateful for in our lives. As each of us travel on the trail of life we will experience moments of magic. Always give thanks for the little things. We often take too many things for granted.

Shelter Graffiti
Cant resist playing with snakes
Shoes are alive out here

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