Life at 2 MPH

I feel like throughout my life I’ve always been slower than the average human. I remember running the mile in elementary school and coming in nearly last, I remember playing sports and not being quick enough, and a little over a year ago I came in last place at a 5k I ran in Logan.
“Running” is a sport I’ve picked up more recently. I have had to learn not to let my slow speed get me down. I often remind myself “It’s not about speed… It’s about consistency and endurance.” This is kind of a motto I have come to live by- not just with running, but in life. If we are consistently doing what we need to be doing and enduring though it may be hard, it does not matter who reaches the finish line first. We will get there and the reward is just as sweet!
The Appalachian Trial poses the same challenges as far as speed goes. Bigfoot and I are often the first ones up, loaded, and out “silk blazing” the trail in the morning. Often times before many of the hikers have even thought about getting out of their sleeping bags… and yet a few hours down the trail these people fly past us. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel discouraged about how quickly they move. Though, at the end of the day we usually end up camped with the same “bubble” of people. It just took us twice as long to get there! I’m grateful we move slower because we take more time to see the views, creatures, and creations each day brings whereas some hikers just want to pound out the miles for that day.

Appalachian Trial Statistics:

Total milage = 269.2
Days on the AT: 25
Zero Days taken: 2
Daily average milage: 10.7
Current Location  = Damascus, VA 
Our longest day: 18.8 miles (yesterday)
Our shortest day: 3.4 miles (Nearo into Hot Springs, NC)
Next resupply stop : Atkins, VA

Blisters total:
Utah = 4
Bigfoot = 3
Currently…. Utah = 1 , Bigfoot = 0

Complete trip & fall:
Utah= 1 1/2
Bigfoot = 5

In the past 25 days I have showered 4 times, washed my clothes 4 times, and slept in an actual bed 3 times.

What an incredible experience!

You might own a hostel if your backyard looks like this!

So green!
Hiding from the rain and listening to an amazing harmonica /guitar jam session!
Swimmin at the falls...
Merril can't resist swimming!


270 miles is taking its toll
Camped out and cooking dinner

6 thoughts on “Life at 2 MPH

  1. linda carr

    Great adventure for both of you,you will remember this your entire life.You are living a great experience,way to go!!! I noticed in photos how happy Merrill looked. Have a wonderful time!


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