Trail Miracles

Appalachian Trial Statistics:

Total milage = 343.7
Days on the AT: 34
Zero Days taken: 2
Daily average milage: 10.4
Current Location  = Atkins, VA 

Blisters total:
Utah = 4
Bigfoot = 3
Currently…. Utah = 0 , Bigfoot = 0

Snake sightings:
Utah = 9
Bigfoot = 25… maybe more

Saturday morning we looked at our daily milage/plan and thought we could make it to a road by the end of the day, so that we could attend church on Sunday if we could get a ride… We got to the top of a mountain and called the local leader of our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) to see if he knew of anyone who would be willing to pick up two smelly hikers. He gave us the number of a couple in the area. We called and left a message about our circumstances and agenda for the day.  We hiked 16 miles to get to the road that day. We didn’t know if our message had been received or not, but when we got to the gap there was a man there who walked right up and introduced himself. It was a miracle. They had received our message and were Christ like in opening their home to us. We were fed, given time to shower, and a bed to sleep in for the night. We were beyond grateful! We were able to attend our church service wearing our trail best (fishing shirt, clean hiking pants, and crocs). Bigfoot bore his testimony. It’s was great.  We then were able to grab a few needed food items before being driven back to the trail.

Bigfoot, Richard, and I after church being dropped off at Dicky Gap.

Bigfoot and I have been blessed beyond measure while on this adventure. The goodness of people has been refreshing and uplifting. The trail has given me so many opportunities to ponder upon and appreciate all the people who have been and are a great part of my life.

300 miles!

We have had some great adventures. Bigfoot had a snake fall out of the ceiling on him at a shelter the other night and in the same night a mouse jumped on him. I was lucky not to have any such encounters, though I could’ve slept through it. We are wearing down. Our feet hurt most days and restful sleep is a luxury.

Bigfoot getting his nerd on... Playing magic with other hikers. Yes, someone is actually carrying all those cards!

The other night we sat around the shelter talking with all our new friends. Bigfoot and Pan played music on the guitar and harmonica. I looked up and it almost felt like home. That’s when I realized we’d been on the trail for quite some time.  I bet the thru-hikers do feel at home on the trail.

Hanging at the shelter playing music

We just got to our last pit stop before the end of this journey. We went to a local restaurant in Atkins, VA to eat and pick up packages. We have 5 more days on the trail.

The double patty 1lb hiker burger

Speaking of the goodness of people… Bigfoot, Turtle, and I just got picked up from the restaurant by a trail angel. She has also offered us beds, showers, and food. Hurray! We will be happy campers on the trail again tomorrow.

The Grayson Highlands State park is known for the wild ponies
"Low Gear" is a 9 year old boy hiking the trail with his dad. Here he is holding am umbrella over the fire while it rained so it wouldn't go out!

4 thoughts on “Trail Miracles

  1. Lynette

    I know you put the part in of the snake falling from the ceiling on Bigfoot for my benefit!!! YUCK!!!
    I am so blessed to have you as my daughter! Love to you!!!!


  2. Andrew

    I see the “Appalachian Trail…..” has become the “Appalachian Trial …..” Probably fitting after 343 miles! We sure enjoy reading about your adventures!


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