Walk to Victory continues

After finishing our 400 mile section of the trail and getting a ride from the legendary Miss Janet we arrived in Washington DC. This great city constantly moves. There were so many people. Adjusting to life in the city came back quickly but I don’t know how much I liked it. We stayed in a nice little hostel right in downtown DC.


We stayed for 4 full days in DC. We visited all the major monuments and memorials. We spent several days touring Smithsonian’s and other museums. The most memorable memorials to me were the Jefferson, Martin Luther King, and Roosevelt memorials. These I hold all these men in very high esteem.


After 4 days I was ready to either be back on the trail or home. Our flights departed Saturday from the Ronald Reagan airport. Morganne escaped early in the day. My flight was scheduled for the late afternoon. I boarded the plane and got comfortable as the we taxied to the runway. We sat on the tarmac for almost an hour before the captain informed us that air traffic control wont let them take off due to a storm. I looked out the window and the weather seemed pleasant. A little agitated we waited for about another 45 minutes before they apologized for the delay and taxied us back to the terminal. About another hour later the storm reached Washington DC. Sheets of sideways rain attacked the airport. Lightning filled the air. Strike after strike hitting all around the airport. The storm delivered a terrible yet magnificent sight.  I was suddenly very glad I was on the ground. Two more hours passed before the storm moved on and we were able to fly out. Due to being delayed I missed my connecting flight and had to spend the night in the airport before being able to finally make it home to SLC.  


Back to real life in the city. But my walk to victory doesn’t end now that I am home. I have many more adventures coming. Next week I will be backpacking into the high Uintah mountains. The Granddaddy lakes are calling. I look forward to backpacking into somewhere and then taking a few days to relax and enjoy the nature around me. Too often on the trail I would be disappointed as I passed by incredible summits, rivers, and waterfalls that I couldn’t stay at because I had to make the miles for the day.

Stay tuned for more victorious adventures.

Scared at the Smithsonian
Korean War Memorial




One thought on “Walk to Victory continues

  1. Mark Roeser

    Glad you all made it safely. Perhaps I will see you all again on the AT somewhere. Happy Trails to you both. Pray all is well for you in the future.


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