Weight loss and the Granddaddys

As life continues I continue to better myself by getting healthier and setting goals and accomplishing them. In my first post I weighed in at 335 lbs. Before hiking the AT I weighed 315 lbs. Upon returning I stood on the scale. I measured under 300 lbs. I have not weighed below 300 lbs my adult life. I am so proud of myself. As of this morning I stood at 284 lbs. Since my first post back on April 3rd I have lost 50 lbs . I continue to set fitness goals for myself. I signed up for a small triathlon in August consisting of a 300 m swim, a 6 mile bike, and a 2 mile run. I am excited for this new challenge.

June 22 Scale

All last week I backpacked in the Granddaddys. These high altitude lakes in the Uintah mountains of Utah are incredibly beautiful. The total hike to our campsite was a little over 5 miles. The hike was beautiful. After doing 400 miles on the AT it was not very challenging though. You start at the trail head cross 2.5 miles  and ascend 1000 feet to Hades pass. Then you descend 300 ft down to granddaddy lake over another mile. My cousin radioed me when he reached the top of the pass and said “hey Bigfoot where you at?” “I’m down here at the lake. Caught 2 fish already.” I replied. The mountains out here are so beautiful. full of pines and pristine lakes. We spent 3 nights and 4 days up in the granddaddy basin. I fished in 7 lakes and caught 41 fish of the course of those days. I love the mountains. As John Muir said “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”


Next week I plan to hike to Kelsey Peak in the Oquirrh mountain range. This will be another fun adventure. I don’t think the trail is to well defined up there but I will find out and let you guys know.

Arctic Grayling
Relaxing on a nice chair at camp
Hunting big brook trout
Lilly Pad Lake

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