Work hard and find joy

Since my last post I have continued to be active. Earlier this year I decided start a routine of good morning habits.

  1. Wake up early
  2. Exercise (even if only for a few minutes)
  3. Read
  4. Meditate.

While doing this I noticed I am happier and productive throughout the day. I get a lot more done in the mornings than I do in the afternoon. I continue to succeed in my weight loss goals. The scale this morning read 261 lbs. I’ve lost over 110 lbs! Hard work and determination always ends in success.

Photo credit: Steffanie Longmore Thornock

Several weeks ago I accomplished something that I never thought I would be able to do. I ran a sprint triathlon. It was an incredible achievement for myself. I finished in 59.01 minutes. I want to continue working for these achievements. I think I will sign up for more athletic events in the future. I could really work on my running. I’m not a big fan of running and it was by far the most difficult of the three event for me.

Photo credit: Randy Wilson

The outdoor adventures continue. I’ve fished all over the place. Big & little cottonwood canyon creeks. I explored the upper, middle, and lower sections of the Provo river. I caught lots of cutthroats on the head waters of the Weber river. Fishing is by far my biggest hobby. I am so glad I can get out and explore these beautiful rivers.


In July I helped the scouts with their high adventure trip. We camped for several days in the mountains on skyline drive. I helped the boys get their cycling merit badge. Over the course of a week we bike over 80 miles divided over dirt roads and pavement. It was quite the workout. My bike is terrible. If i want to get into cycling seriously I might need to consider buying a new bike.

Me bike
Photo credit: Randy Wilson

Truly i have been full of joy this past month. Another goal I set for my self this year is to read lots of books. I have done pretty good with that goal so far. I recently finished The Secret Hero by Rhonda Byrne. One of the most prominent statements in the book said “When you are full of joy you are full of determination, because from the perspective of joy, everything seems easy.” This statement is true. As we find joy in whatever we are doing, we will find doing it to be easier because it comes with determination. Follow your dreams, do what you love. All other things will fall in to place as you do so.



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