Growth by doing

Each journey starts with the first step. Yesterday I spontaneously decided to go for a hike. Sometimes we can be overzealous in our endeavors biting off more than we can chew. While sometimes this can turn bad, often these experiences are the most memorable they teach us through experience. I didn’t plan my hike yesterday All I knew is the mountains were calling. In the words of John Muir – “The Mountains are calling, and I must go”

IMG_20151006_144232 IMG_20151006_145732

I drove towards the Wasatch Range towards little cottonwood canyon. When I saw the trail head for bell canyon. I knew little about bell canyon, only that it had an upper and lower reservoir and two waterfalls. I thought to myself “sounds good enough to me”. I parked the truck, grabbed my gear, and began hiking. Up and up I went. I did not realize how steep this trail was going to be. Upon reaching the first reservoir things mellowed out for maybe a mile. Till I reached what I assumed was supposed to be the first waterfall. The water flow was quite slow due to it being the end of the season. Continuing onward the trail became incredibly steeper and rockier. I felt as though I was climbing a rock stair case for the next several miles. I reached the upper waterfall which due to lack of water was not overly impressive.


Before continuing onward I collected my thoughts. Thought about how far I had gone. How long will it take me to get back? The upper lake can’t be that much farther cans it? I decided I would hike for another 30 minutes and see what it looks like. I eventually reached a massive rockslide field I had to cross. I started climbing and hopping these house sized boulders after 20 minutes of this strenuous climbing I decided I should probably turn around. I wasn’t sure how much farther it was but I knew that if I didn’t start heading back it would be very dark upon my descent. I am glad I turned around when I did because I hiked for about the whole last hour in the dark. Thankfully, I was able to see enough that I didn’t feel uncomfortable.


Overall, I think I was a bit overzealous with this hike. I hiked probably a total of 8 miles. I probably gained 3500 ft. of elevation over 4 miles. Had I done my research I probably would have picked something less difficult. On the other hand I am glad I did it. Doing things that are out of our comfort zones make us grow more than doing things we feel comfortable doing. I have learned countless times during my life that when you push yourself to do something you think you can’t you will always come out better for it.

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I read a motivational thread on a forum recently where someone was complaining about not having any motivation in his life. Random motivating internet stranger responded with some of the best advice a person can get. Just do it. Think of something and then do it. Put one foot in front of the other shut your T.V. or computer off and go do it. Its as simple as that. The person giving the advice used much more blunt language but the raw message simply said “Just do it”. Frequently I remind myself to just do it. Whenever I start making excuses like I don’t know how, where do I start, I’m not qualified. I remind myself to “Just do it!” Anyone who went anywhere in life started by just doing it. The rest will follow. So to my fellow friends out there like my little hike. Just do it!


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