Winter Adventures

Hey friends! I know I haven’t posted in a long while. I have been busy with the holidays and other adventures. The frigid weather hasn’t kept me down. After losing all my insulation this year, I am always cold. Last January I wore a 3XL shirt and a 54″ waist. For christmas I purchased 8 new L T-shirts, my pant size is down to a 38″ waist. My progress still blows my mind.


I snowboarded for the first time in almost 8 years. My mind raced while driving up the mountain, Thoughts like “I don’t remember how to ride” plagued me. Nervously I plopped on the lift and started riding up the mountain. Excited and apprehensive I exited the lift with confidence. Riding came back naturally as if I had done it yesterday. I flew down the mountain and had a great day. The snow fell lightly all day long filling my beard with ice and snow. I could not have asked for a better time on the mountain.

Snowshoeing became the next adventure. I hiked to Red Pine lake up little cottonwood canyon. The 6 mile round trip hike proved challenging yet rewarding. A major cold front loomed on the horizon for Utah. I chose to hike the day before the storm. I hiked all afternoon. The clouds came and went as the storm fronts clashed. The further I got up the mountain the heavier the snow fell. It was amazing. The silence of frozen mountains is intoxicating! Upon reaching the frozen lake I took a moment to admire the great white bowl of white surrounded by trees, rock, and cliff. As I descended the mountain I gave thanks for all the wonderful scenery I had the pleasure of viewing.

Red Pine Lake


December came and I grew weary of cold and snow. I really wanted to play down south. I began planning a trip to the red rock. Initially I wanted to backpack in Escalante – Grand Staircase National Monument.  I made some phone calls to inquire about local weather conditions. I was informed the canyons are full of snow and the trail heads are nearly inaccessible. I was undeterred, I needed to visit the red rock. I began planning to visit St George. I met a friend, we hiked a beautiful 15 mile trail outside of Zion National Park. The trail was littered with petrified wood and stunning views of Zion’s walls. The following day we hiked to an overlook of  Snow Canyon State Park. We were rewarded with one of the best views I have had the pleasure of witnessing. I hiked more 20 miles over the New Year! What a great way to start 2016.

Snow canyon
Overlooking Snow Canyon State Park

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