New Year, New Goals, New Adventures!

2015 was an incredible year of change. Reflecting on who I was at the beginning of 2015 and who I am now entering into 2016 is a major wow!

I lost 160 lbs, hiked more than 500 miles, and biked over 100 miles. I finished my first sprint triathlon, became a morning person, stopped playing video games, and started actively reading. I read more books than I can remember this year.


The new year is a great time to evaluate progress, reflect on good habits, and make new goals. Setting goals is a sharp tool in the quiver of progress. I have had the privilege in my life to learn from many great leaders.  One man frequently stated “Set goals and make plans. If you don’t make goals you are an arrow without a target.” Sometimes we get lucky and make the mark. But often times we will fall short or go on long tangents due to not having a goal to aim for.

Setting goals has always been something I have struggled with. Though, I am proudly getting better at it. Most notably by saying I will lose weight and get down to 230 lbs. I am now less than 5 lbs from my goal. I remember hitting several major milestones along the way. When I reached 275 lbs  I almost couldn’t believe it. Then I reminded myself that this isn’t the end. Its amazing that you’re here but the goal remains out further. Through hard work and dedication I was able to keep passing waypoints and continuing losing weight.


Sometimes our goals require plans to help us keep sight and not get too off target. When the holidays approached I became worried I would start to gain weight again. Its really easy to gain during the holidays with all the candy, pie, and various other desserts. I remember telling myself ahead of time “OK, at the party you are only allowed 1 time through the line. Don’t overfill your plate. Just get what you will eat. Take your time to enjoy it and you will feel satisfied and happy that you didn’t overeat.” I did this and was so proud that I continued to slowly lose weight through the holidays!

With the new year I have new goals and new adventures that I want to tackle this year. I only have 5 more lbs to reach my goal weight. At which point I want to start making it a point to gain muscle and begin toning. I want to participate in 2 more triathlon events this year. I want to start rock climbing and canyoneering. I will work on career goals this year too. I will continue to post my adventures and successes on my walk to victory!

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I encourage all of you to set yourself some goals. Make a plan on how you want to accomplish these goals. Then go get them! We are all capable of anything we put our minds too. Good luck on your walk to victory in 2016!


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