Decisions and Destiny

The adventure of life continues to unfold. Every day we decide what we are going to do with our time. You decide your destiny. When the shadow of the day begins to fade what will you do? Watch another season of your favorite show on Netflix? Read a book? Spend quality time with your kids or significant other. How you choose to spend your time is what will determine your destiny.

“Up ahead they’s a thousan’ lives we might live, but when it comes it’ll on’y be one.”
-John Steinbeck

I am still learning every day. There is so much to learn. Each person has so much to share. I am currently reading “The Grapes of Wrath” The classic novel by John Steinbeck. This book is full of relevant insights to life. One character states “You’re bound to get idears if you go thinkin’ about stuff” I hope this is true for all of us. We all deserve have original ideas and think about stuff. To take pride in our own thoughts and decisions. I have began to realize how much I value the freedom to choose my own path.


After choosing what to do we need to work. I am grateful I was taught value hard work. Working makes a man feel good. There is nothing more fulfilling than performing honest work and reaping the reward of your labor. Hard work has helped me shape my life. I helped me get a degree. It carried me across 400 miles of the Appalachian trail. It helped me lose over 160 lbs. Now it will help me through the next phases of my life.  “Muscles aching to work, minds aching to create – this is man.”― John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath. I hope all of you out there can find happiness in being creative and working hard. Because that is what brings true joy.


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