Little things

Remember the little things. Often I focus only on the big picture. When this happens to me I remind myself to stop and look at the little guys. If you stop and look at the little things around you the big things that often overwhelm us will fade out. We will remember that there are so many good little things around us.

I love the little guys. I love the ocean. Tide pools and reefs are some of the most bio diverse ecosystems on the planet. I volunteer at the Loveland Living Planet aquarium. In the center of the Oceans hall sits a gigantic reef display. This breath taking display captures the viewer with vibrant fish and fascinating corals. Most people see this tank only for its surface beauty. This ecosystem is so complex. One of my favorite animals at the aquarium hides in this exhibit. The little anemone crab. Sitting on a green carpet throne this little guy  waves his little fan like claws catching plankton and small pieces of algae to eat. He grooms and feeds the anemone. The anemone in return provides shelter and protection for the little crab. Almost everyone who walks by this tank will never see this little guy. But every time I look at him I am so grateful for the little guys that keep life interesting.


If you are ever overwhelmed by the big things in life. Slow down, take a minute to look at the little things around you. A bee pollinates a flower. An ant lifts a crumb three times his size. Incredible little things happen all around us. Be grateful for the little things around you. No matter your circumstances there is something to be thankful for.


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