Gratitude a discipline

“Shut up and be grateful for what you have.” You may have heard this phrase in your life. This advice may be ill wanted. But there is truth in it. The happiest people I know are the grateful people I know.

Many moons ago while attending college, some new friends put a chart on the wall. “We’re going to write down something we are grateful for each day for a month.” I replied, “Give me one, I will fill out all the spots right here and now.” I filled the blanks with a variety of random things I was grateful for. When I first wrote toilet paper my friends laughed. I said, “think about it. Think about how bad it sucks when you go to the bathroom, finish and realize there is no toilet paper. Now just imagine toilet paper didn’t exist.” Most of us have never experienced life without first world luxuries. We truly have so much to grateful for. After living on the Appalachian trail last year I will always be grateful to have a real toilet. #kiddingnotkidding

There is real science behind being grateful. Being grateful reminds you what wonderful blessing you have in life. Acknowledging this makes you happier. Taking a moment every day to write or say something you are grateful for will change your overall demeanor. Don’t believe me? Try it. Another fun thing to do is be social with your gratitude. Letting people know you are thankful is an incredible way to lift someones spirits. Just like in Lucas Graham’s new song “7 years” he says “I made a man so happy when I wrote a letter once” Try it. It really does make people happy to receive written gratitude.

Thanks to all of you who read and follow my adventures!



4 thoughts on “Gratitude a discipline

  1. Sharleen Shields

    I am grateful for you and for the insight you have and share. I’m also grateful for spring, the flowers blooming and being able to be outside to enjoy it.


  2. Grandfathers. I only had one, my Dad’s Dad. Mom’s Dad died before I was born. Grandpa was a multi-tasker. a preacher, part time cop, hunter, fisherman and mentor. He took the mentor part seriously. He had a bunch of grandkids but I always felt special anytime I got to be with him. Lots of wisdom passed and good examples to follow. A lot of it stuck. I’m grateful for grandfathers. Every kid should have at least one.


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