Happy Fathers Day


A wonder father has taught me how to live my life. He showed me how to do hard things by example. He taught me to fish, he taught me to have fun. He taught me to never stop learning. He showed me that there is always something to see and do even in our own back yards. He taught me to love god and my fellow man.

Thanks for being an awesome dad!

Enjoy the poem!


Words under rocks

or so I was told

Flipping and turning

Boulder and stone


Words skip away

Fleeing the light of day

A shadow falls

Look up to the man standing tall


Proudly standing strong and true

Raining thoughts that follow through

Sewing words under rocks with care

My mentor teaches my I can find them there


Examples and shadows lead me

I turn the rocks

Where hidden wisdom hides

Only to be found by seekers eyes

-Thanks Dad




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