Farmington Canyon 

I looked at the clock again. Finally it’s time to go. My heart burst with excitement as I walked out of the office and smelled the crisp spring air. I looked to the green mountains topped with melting snow ad I climbed in my truck and drove north. It’s been so long I missed the smell of the dirt, the rocks and roots massaging  my feet, and the beauty of the sun setting on the tree tops.

I arrived at Farmington Canyon with plenty of daylight and began hiking upward. This little Canyon is a gem hiding in plain sight of the urban center of the northern Wasatch. The river thundered loudly as I hiked. Winter loaded the tops of our mountains with an extreme amount of snow this year. I can’t help but marvel at the amount of power the runoff roaring downstream has.

Eventually I reached the waterfall. I turned and watch the sunset while listening to the rivers song. It played loudly as the red orange and pink ray’s dripped onto the great Salt Lake as the sun sunk behind the horizon. I found a few suitable trees to hand my hammock in on this cool spring night and thanked God for the beautiful mountains I get to enjoy.


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