Riverton Multi-Stake Triathlon

South County Pool

The annual Riverton Multi Stake Triathlon is sponsored by the Riverton stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Triathlons are broken into categories starting with a sprint for the smallest and the infamous ironman for the top. The Riverton Multi Stake Triathlon is not quite a sprint. Yet for a free event it is extremely well put together and a very fun race featuring a:

  • 300 meter swim
  • 6 mile bike
  • 2 mile run

Start Swim

The race starts bright and early in Riverton, UT at the South County Pool. The outside swim is great. Since the race takes place in August it’s not to cold and you don’t need a wet suit like many open water swims for bigger triathlons. The transition for the bike is located right next to the pool making for seamless transitions. You drop down to the Jordan River Parkway trail and head south for approximately 5 miles before you climb out of the river bottoms for the last mile. The second transition takes place at a local church property. The race is very well-organized each racer number has a chair assigned where you can stash your transition necessities. With a quick change out of your cycling shoes you can start running back towards the Jordan River bottoms. The run is a 1 mile out and back. totaling 2 miles. They have an aid station for water at the turn around point for the run.

Merril Bike


The Riverton Multi Stake Triathlon takes the average person about an hour and twenty minutes to complete. This race is amazing for the fact that it is free and put on entirely by a volunteer staff of local church members. I have run paid races that were less organized than this race. My wife received follow-up emails apologizing for issues about recording her time. She was blown away that they even bothered since it was not a paid sanctioned event.


I offer my many thanks to those that were involved making this race happen.


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