Hope – the seed of belief


Recently I spoke with friends about the status of the world. How everything seems to be falling apart and getting worse. In truth the world does seem to be declining in morality, ethics, and integrity. Yet I remembered a truth that has always resonated with me. There is always hope… As long as there is someone who believes there will always be hope. Hope is the beginning of all things. Hope is the seed of belief, the fuel of faith, and arm of action. When we have a hope that things will get better we will bond and work with others who believe in a better world. I am grateful to have learned the principle of hope early in life. I like many others have had periods of my life where things seemed and felt hopeless. However, I chose to believe that one day things would be better and now my life has improved beyond measure. I continue to hope for more and I will work with integrity to achieve those hopes. I know that any person who hopes for a better world or a better life can achieve it. They will find people along the way who want to help them in those goals. Next thing you know you will reflect back on the past 5 years and be astonished at the achievements that began as nothing but a mere hope.

Chalk Creek Road Utah Photo by Merril Longmore 2017

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