We’ve all heard about that guy who made a fortune off of the mysterious crypto currencies. Well last year over the Thanksgiving holiday I decided to explore down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. My intention was to try to learn what makes crypto special and how are people quote unquote mining it. As I started exploring the mining of crypto got a bit complex and had barriers to entry for how much money you had in crypto already. But while researching I came across several articles on how to create your own coins for very little investment. I decided I would create my own crypto currency. This moment of creating my own token and beginning to play with the blockchain has sparked a whole chain of events and I intend to document that progression over my next several blog posts.

  • What is crypto?
  • What are the different blockchains and why are they special?
  • How to create your own token?
  • How to create an NFT (non-fungible token)
  • and more

Stay tuned for more information

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