Crypto the Future of Branding – Building a web3 website

I believe the future of branding will be with web3. Web3 allows for building of communities in ways that have not previously existed. What exactly is web3?

  1. Web1 – Read – the beginning of the internet was read only.
  2. Web2 – Read, Write – The internet changed the day that we were able to write to internet and people began to contribute.
  3. Web3 – Read, Write, Own – Now people can own pieces of the internet. you can own digital pieces of property that can carry value tags with them. Currencies, NFT’s with exclusive values attached. DAO’s for community organization ownership. its a whole new world.

I have a small brand that I sell on I built a website where I will experiment with being able to create a crypto token that is exchangeable for product like a rewards program. See my journey here.



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