Park City Summit Challenge

Ride the Park City Summit Challenge. Support the National Abilities Center and provide fun activities for those who need adaptive help!


Farmington Canyon 

I looked at the clock again. Finally it's time to go. My heart burst with excitement as I walked out of the office and smelled the crisp spring air. I looked to the green mountains topped with melting snow ad I climbed in my truck and drove north. It's been so long I missed the …

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Top of the World

Adventures always begin in the dark. I scrambled together lots of snacks, plenty of water, and warm clothes for a long day and stuffed them in my pack. "Oh yea... a head lamp, don't forget your head lamp" I thought as I ran out the door. I drove to the base of the Wasatch mountains and …

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I recently began attending local caving meetings. Cavers are a unique group of people. Their meetings have little structure. They just wanted to play on ropes. I met the cavers at a local park on a Wednesday evening. We began throwing ropes up in trees. Soon ropes hung down from several tree branches. They informed me they were practicing ascending ropes. …

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Walk to Victory

Six months ago I ran my first half marathon. I can say running that race changed my life. I accomplished something I never dreamed possible. Shortly after completing the Riverton Half my mind began to imagine. What's next? I toyed with lots of new athletic goals. Yet my mind kept saying "you can run 13.1 …

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Why do you run?

Two years ago you would not recognize me. I weighed approximately 400 lbs. I was happy and  content. A content life is a dangerous life. The world we live  in is turbulent, harsh, and beautiful. Eventually the storm of life will rain on each of us. In the words of Anne of Green Gables, “It's been my experience …

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Canyons of Life

The southern half of Utah is one of the most unique places on earth. Most eyes see the desert as empty and barron. However, those who brave the sun and heat discover the majesty of the desert is unmatched. You look accross a seemingly flat landscape, hidden less than a mile from your view cracks …

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Don’t Settle

Recent events at work made me rather upset. Consequently, I found myself applying for every job in sight. All I wanted was something new. Spamming job applications resulted in a few responses from  companies for interviews for phone sales and customer support positions. I have worked phone customer support and sales before. I found it very …

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