Recently found myself reflecting upon my time on the Appalachian Trail. I spent hours looking through old photos and then stumbled upon some of our GoPro footage. Over the past couple of years I played around making a few adventure videos and realized I never made one of our time on the AT. Remembering …

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Chalk Creek Road Utah Photo by Merril Longmore 2017

Hope – the seed of belief

  Recently I spoke with friends about the status of the world. How everything seems to be falling apart and getting worse. In truth the world does seem to be declining in morality, ethics, and integrity. Yet I remembered a truth that has always resonated with me. There is always hope... As long as there …

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Havasupai – Blue green dreams

I enjoyed one of the most memorable experiences of my life this past week. My entire family backpacked to Havasupai falls for Thanksgiving. If you have never been to Havasupai, add it to your bucket list. I remember the first time I saw a picture of the waterfalls at Havasupai. I believed they were photo shopped. …

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Top of the World

Adventures always begin in the dark. I scrambled together lots of snacks, plenty of water, and warm clothes for a long day and stuffed them in my pack. "Oh yea... a head lamp, don't forget your head lamp" I thought as I ran out the door. I drove to the base of the Wasatch mountains and …

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I recently began attending local caving meetings. Cavers are a unique group of people. Their meetings have little structure. They just wanted to play on ropes. I met the cavers at a local park on a Wednesday evening. We began throwing ropes up in trees. Soon ropes hung down from several tree branches. They informed me they were practicing ascending ropes. …

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Walk to Victory

Six months ago I ran my first half marathon. I can say running that race changed my life. I accomplished something I never dreamed possible. Shortly after completing the Riverton Half my mind began to imagine. What's next? I toyed with lots of new athletic goals. Yet my mind kept saying "you can run 13.1 …

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