What do you know about desire? Recently my mind caught hold of these words . So much of what we accomplish in life derives from our desires. If you want to become successful with all your soul you will become successful. If you want to be the best at Spanish you have but to desire it. …

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Silent pictures of fate

Here I stand alone and strong Watching the world for so long My branches weary from the weight Of silent pictures written by fate #visualpoetry #walktovictory #utah #poetry#trees #sky #strong #sillouette #mountains

Why do you run?

Two years ago you would not recognize me. I weighed approximately 400 lbs. I was happy and  content. A content life is a dangerous life. The world we live  in is turbulent, harsh, and beautiful. Eventually the storm of life will rain on each of us. In the words of Anne of Green Gables, “It's been my experience …

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Gratitude a discipline

"Shut up and be grateful for what you have." You may have heard this phrase in your life. This advice may be ill wanted. But there is truth in it. The happiest people I know are the grateful people I know. Many moons ago while attending college, some new friends put a chart on the wall. "We're …

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Don’t Settle

Recent events at work made me rather upset. Consequently, I found myself applying for every job in sight. All I wanted was something new. Spamming job applications resulted in a few responses from  companies for interviews for phone sales and customer support positions. I have worked phone customer support and sales before. I found it very …

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Decisions and Destiny

The adventure of life continues to unfold. Every day we decide what we are going to do with our time. You decide your destiny. When the shadow of the day begins to fade what will you do? Watch another season of your favorite show on Netflix? Read a book? Spend quality time with your kids or …

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