Chalk Creek Road Utah Photo by Merril Longmore 2017

Hope – the seed of belief

  Recently I spoke with friends about the status of the world. How everything seems to be falling apart and getting worse. In truth the world does seem to be declining in morality, ethics, and integrity. Yet I remembered a truth that has always resonated with me. There is always hope... As long as there …

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Top of the World

Adventures always begin in the dark. I scrambled together lots of snacks, plenty of water, and warm clothes for a long day and stuffed them in my pack. "Oh yea... a head lamp, don't forget your head lamp" I thought as I ran out the door. I drove to the base of the Wasatch mountains and …

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I recently began attending local caving meetings. Cavers are a unique group of people. Their meetings have little structure. They just wanted to play on ropes. I met the cavers at a local park on a Wednesday evening. We began throwing ropes up in trees. Soon ropes hung down from several tree branches. They informed me they were practicing ascending ropes. …

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Why do you run?

Two years ago you would not recognize me. I weighed approximately 400 lbs. I was happy and  content. A content life is a dangerous life. The world we live  in is turbulent, harsh, and beautiful. Eventually the storm of life will rain on each of us. In the words of Anne of Green Gables, “It's been my experience …

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Always look for the best way!

Every day we perform hundreds of tasks. Our brain does them same way every time. At some point in time, often in early childhood, we learned to deal with countless daily tasks. Making our bed, buttoning a shirt, shaving (legs or face), and the list goes on. We perceive nothing wrong with what we have learned. Recently …

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Gratitude a discipline

"Shut up and be grateful for what you have." You may have heard this phrase in your life. This advice may be ill wanted. But there is truth in it. The happiest people I know are the grateful people I know. Many moons ago while attending college, some new friends put a chart on the wall. "We're …

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