Never give up

If you need a quick motivator to remind you that you can do anything. Watch this video. Yesterday this video reminded me anything is possible through hard work and dedication. Keep on walking to your victory! Never Give up!

One Year of Accomplishment

I started this blog one year ago today! What a journey it has been. My first post  marked a monumental moment for me. I stood on the scale saw a number instead "error". I was so excited to see the number 335 on that scale. I remember telling myself "I am going to go all the way." I …

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Patience – Lessons from Fishing

Last week I drove up the canyon seeking to scratch an itch. The warm weather has been making me want to get out and fish. The river was rather productive last week. Pristine pools glittered with the sunlight. I stepped into the river sending waves rolling across the pools. Hoping I didn't scare the fish I cast my …

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New Year, New Goals, New Adventures!

2015 was an incredible year of change. Reflecting on who I was at the beginning of 2015 and who I am now entering into 2016 is a major wow! I lost 160 lbs, hiked more than 500 miles, and biked over 100 miles. I finished my first sprint triathlon, became a morning person, stopped playing video games, and …

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Work hard and find joy

Since my last post I have continued to be active. Earlier this year I decided start a routine of good morning habits. Wake up early Exercise (even if only for a few minutes) Read Meditate. While doing this I noticed I am happier and productive throughout the day. I get a lot more done in the mornings …

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