Havasupai – Blue green dreams

I enjoyed one of the most memorable experiences of my life this past week. My entire family backpacked to Havasupai falls for Thanksgiving. If you have never been to Havasupai, add it to your bucket list. I remember the first time I saw a picture of the waterfalls at Havasupai. I believed they were photo shopped. …

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Canyons of Life

The southern half of Utah is one of the most unique places on earth. Most eyes see the desert as empty and barron. However, those who brave the sun and heat discover the majesty of the desert is unmatched. You look accross a seemingly flat landscape, hidden less than a mile from your view cracks …

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Zion Canyons

Canyon walls wind and ascend with every footstep. Look up, a glimmer of light seeps through the crack in the sky.  Few eyes get the chance to scan these walls. A special aura flows through these small slots. Pink swirling dust floats by filling our souls and beckoning us to return again and again. If you …

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