Farmington Canyon 

I looked at the clock again. Finally it's time to go. My heart burst with excitement as I walked out of the office and smelled the crisp spring air. I looked to the green mountains topped with melting snow ad I climbed in my truck and drove north. It's been so long I missed the …

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Cold thing and Warm dreams

When life is cold Listen to thoughts of old The morning sun will always break Leaving trails of warmth in its wake Recently I have been reflecting on not murmuring. Murmuring is defined as a subdued or private expression of discontent or dissatisfaction. While often overlooked this attitude of dissatisfaction can overcome our overall demeanor leaving …

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Words under rocks

Here is a poem I wrote the other day while hiking. Mazes never cease Trees whisper Light penetrates my soul Intelligence illuminates my mind Rungs of experience Rope of pain Slowly build the ladder of life Climbing her stones   Proudly stand, and look Labyrinth walls descend below Fingers reach toward heaven Pinch the lip …

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