The last night in the woods. But not the end



Its time to go and I don’t really want to. We hiked our shortest day today. We quit very early to camp by a river. I think we both just felt like if we go to the end then it will be over. Most the day we spent with our friends while they waited for their shuttle to arrive. Once they were gone Morganne and I sat around talking about our trip. Reviewing our journals and sharing memories.


I think I’ve said this before but time blurs very strangely on the trail. It has been something like 42 days now of hiking. Yet the beginning feels like yesterday. We talk about towns we went through last month as though it were yesterday. Hiking the AT has its own life. It separates you from whatever you did before. The unexpected social aspect of the trail brightened my experience. I have made new friends. I have assimilated new ideas and experienced other cultures.


I have now walked the first 400 miles towards victory. But the journey doesn’t end there. To achieve victory we must always press onward. Set new goals accomplish new tasks. Accept new challenges. In the coming months I will continue to share my walk to victory with new goals and new adventures.


Never stop learning, never stop exploring, keep growing



4 thoughts on “The last night in the woods. But not the end

  1. Sharleen

    Kind of bittersweet to see it come to an end! Can’t wait to hear more details. It’s truly something to be proud of to say you’ve hiked 400 miles. You can and will continue to do and overcome hard things one day at time. Thanks to you and Morganne for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


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