Trail stories

The Appalachian trail is one of the most unique hiking experiences a person can have. Especially if you hike more than 100 miles worth. (We are currently at the 150 mile mark) We have had lots of first hand experiences and heard dozens of exciting and crazy stories.

Here are some stories about trail terrorists.

People who haven’t been on the trail think you need to worry about bears and snakes. But the real trail terrorist is the mouse. The first night on the trail I left a bag of M&M’s in the very bottom of my pack. During the night a mouse had gone spelunking in my bag. I had M&M’s everywhere. The humidity help the M&M’s melt and color all my dry bags -.-

Less than a week later Morganne had crumbs left in her hip belt and a mouse ate threw the zipper to get a few left over peanuts. Now her hip belt pocket is half broken.

The other night took the cake. The night was going well until the middle of the night nature call. Well I got up and took care of my business. Upon returning to my pad I attempted to reenter Narnia. I was continually interrupted by the patter and splat of mice running and doing acrobats trying to get to our packs. I was doing a good job of ignoring it until I started to feel one running back and forth on the front tip of my pad. I was rather annoyed knowing it was only inches from my face. So I started smacking my head against the pillow waking up my neighbors. I thought I had successfully scared the mouse away when it started walking really slowly across the pad. At this point I freaked out in knelt up and started flapping my pad really excessively. The people around me were like what the heck is going on. Thankfully the pad shake fixed my temporary mouse problem. I finally got back to sleep.

People have a myriad of problems one guy had a mouse nest in his pack in the morning with a litter of baby mice. Some people have had mice share their sleeping bags with them. Many people have experienced mice running a crossed their bodies why they sleep.

In short. Mice suck.

Here are more pictures for you people that just wanna look at cool pictures.

Blue tailed lizard
Cool waterfall with 2 ugly hikers
Sweet vista
Panorama on top of Big Bald
Orange salamander
Morgannes victory

4 thoughts on “Trail stories

  1. Jenni

    That’s gross! I agree that mice suck! We had some get in the trailer last year and to go to bed knowing they were there and could possibly climb on me or the kids just grossed me out! Sounds like you are having quite the experiences. I love your pictures too! You are looking awesome!


  2. dlongmore6819

    The salamander is the coolest. It is hard to decide maybe the lizard is. They are both cool. How do you find those?


  3. Jenna

    You guys are troopers! I could not handle the mice!! I had to kill one in my house once because the cat just wanted to play with it and Andrew wasn’t home. I had to repeatedly smack it with a broom until it finally died. It was traumatizing! I love seeing your pictures. It is so pretty there! The salamdar is really cool!


  4. JoAnn Scott

    LOL, That is awesome. We had mice chew through our wards brand new tents at YW camp to get to the girls contraband food. Adventure at every turn.


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