Patience – Lessons from Fishing

Last week I drove up the canyon seeking to scratch an itch. The warm weather has been making me want to get out and fish. The river was rather productive last week. Pristine pools glittered with the sunlight. I stepped into the river sending waves rolling across the pools. Hoping I didn’t scare the fish I cast my line. The fly lands delicately at the front of the pool. Slowly it drifts along the eddies whirling its way towards me. When it gets to close I pick it up and cast it again. Almost every time I go fishing I feel like I learn new lessons about life. This past trip I thought about patience.

Most people think of patience with fishing as just baiting your hook and waiting around for a fish to bite. While granted this is a valid method of fishing. I do not find it the best or most effective way. This is one of the reasons why I prefer fly fishing to traditional bait fishing. In fly fishing I can take to fly to the fish instead of waiting for a fish to be interested. Fly fishing still takes a great measure of patience. I often find when I am impatient I end up spending the majority of my time retrieving my line from trees than in the water. While fishing you need to take your time. You need to watch the water. Rushing up to a hole and throwing your fly in will often only serve to scare all the anxious trout. In contrast if you patiently approach the pool, carefully present your fly without heavily disturbing the water. You are much more likely to prompt a fish to strike. I have learned in life that good things come to those who wait patiently.


My trips to the river last week were rather successful. I caught multiple fish on every outing. I but one particular moment sticks out in my mind. I had been fishing for over an hour and the fishing had been rather slow. My thoughts fumbled around. I tried to think what could be causing the lack of strikes. When I spied a big deep pool, I knew would be fish on the bottom of this pool. I decided I was going to patiently work this pool till I procured at least one fish. I re rigged my line with a set up appropriate for working a nice deep hole. Slowly and methodically I drifted my line through the hole. It took some time but I waited patiently. I knew that if I was patient and persistent. I would get something eventually. Suddenly my line went taut and my rod bent fiercely. I after a brief battle I landed a beautiful brown trout. I was so happy my patience had paid off.

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Sometimes in life we go through dry spells. Where life seems stagnant and nothing exciting is happening. But If we take a step back and analyze our situation we can usually find a nice deep hole. If we then prepare appropriately and work it patiently we will be rewarded in life as well. It is always important to remember that good things come to those who wait.




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